At Studio REN, we believe that every business has the potential to bloom like a magnificent flower. By guiding you through the development of your print and web communication, I hope to provide valuable insights, drawing from my experience. Whether it's nurturing a budding seed into full bloom or simply refreshing your brand, I offer customized solutions to meet your unique needs.

At Studio REN, our goal is to sprinkle some magic on both businesses and entrepreneurs, helping them showcase their one-of-a-kind brand with a captivating strategy and visuals that truly reflect their essence. We'll get to know your story and values to craft a brand identity that feels like a perfect match, just for you. We're all about building a strong and friendly bond with you, so you can confidently charm your audience too. Let's team up and watch your brand bloom and shine like never before !

Let's make magic

My approach

Stage 1 : Let the Magic Begin

01. Let the Magic Begin

Our journey starts with a delightful 30-minute discovery call. We'll talk about your dreams, my creative process, and all the wonderful services I offer. If we're a match made in heaven, I'll send you a proposal and quote. Once you're over the moon with excitement and accept the quote, a 40% deposit will whisk you away to your spot in the Studio's schedule.

Stage 2 : Brand Strategy


The strategic phase begins with a 2-hour workshop to establish the creative direction and delve into your brand strategy before implementing it into an action plan throughout the contract. Through this strategic workshop, I will create a brand strategy guide that will define key elements such as the brand story, vision, values, target audience, and personality of your company.



Let's set the creative stage with a moodboard ! This magical source of inspiration will guide our journey into logos, fonts, and colours, bringing your brand to life. While it's not an exact replica, it serves as a captivating foundation for our design explorations. Once the moodboard receives your nod of approval, we'll dive into the exciting world of crafting a brand identity that reflects your unique vision.



Discover two distinct brand concepts, each leading to extraordinary realms. I'll share all the backstage insights behind my branding choices, with detailed explanations. It's completely normal if you don't resonate fully with one concept. Once you've approved one of the concepts, we can proceed with 2 rounds of refinement feedback. Need more magic ? I'm here to weave it at my hourly rate.

Stage 5 : LET'S LAUNCH !


After approving your brand identity, I'll export all files in high resolution, ready for both print and web. Plus, I'll prepare a brand guidelines with delightful insights and expert commentary on artistic choices. These captivating instructions will keep your brand consistent.
Let's schedule an exciting project wrap-up call to unveil the secrets for maximizing your deliverables and confidently showcasing your fresh brand image to clients. Now, you're all set to reveal your fabulous brand to the world, like a blossoming flower !

Discover my services

Service No. 1


Brand Strategy, Logo Suite, Colour Palette, Font Pairing, Visual and Graphic Elements : a complete strategic support service to craft a one-of-a-kind and cohesive brand identity, brimming with history and values that your audience can also connect with. You'll simply need to nurture this beautiful flower that represents your identity while maintaining motivation and ambition for your business !

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Complete your branding...

Service No. 2

Showcase or e-commerce website

With the Squarespace, Webflow and Shopify platforms, I'll take care of the complete set-up of your site: from mock-up design to development, including launch, handover and maintenance.

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Service No. 3


I create the communication add-ons and packaging you need to achieve a unique and distinctive brand image.

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Service N°4


To complete your brand identity and set the mood for your brand, the Studio can produce photos/videos of your products for your website or social media.


We are meant to work together if


You value working with a designer who is responsive and attentive.


You resonate with my style and the values I cherish.


You're ready to get involved to leave a lasting impression on your ideal customer.


You recognize the importance of a powerful brand identity for your business success.

Let's make magic