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At Studio REN, we empower young entrepreneurs to thrive in their businesses by crafting a distinctive, gentle, and poetic branding. We help you create a brand identity that embodies your story and personality while remaining consistent with current and future trends. Our bespoke creations are timeless and impactful, cultivating flourishing businesses!


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Website Design / Print / Packaging
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Every entrepreneur deserves a branding that reflects both aesthetics and thoughtful strategy for their business. At Studio REN, we are passionate about nurturing these young shoots and guiding them towards their full bloom. Together, we will uncover the authentic traits that define your brand. Our studio helps you visually translate your story, values, and personality while standing out amidst the other flowers in your field.

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I totally went with Studio REN for my branding and website, and wow, the result is absolutely wonderful ! Caroline just got what I was going for right away. She created a whole vibe that fits my business like a dream. Caroline is so attentive, professional, and super talented ! If you want your clients to be wowed by your branding, seriously, go with Studio REN ! I'd recommend her a gazillion times !


What can I say, except a big thank you to Caroline for capturing the identity I wanted to convey through my logo and for guiding and assisting me in creating my branding. Patiently, she discovered all the essential elements, leading to a quick realization of an identity that now receives numerous compliments. She's incredibly talented as a graphic designer, possesses beautiful empathy, and listens with great finesse. I'll definitely reach out to Caroline again without hesitation !


Working with Studio REN was such a delightful journey, with a service that truly listened to our needs and delivered excellent results. Caroline's expertise guided us through the creation of our logo and branding. We are thrilled with the outcome and so glad we chose to work with her !


I entrusted the creation of my logo to Studio REN, and honestly, I was not disappointed ! Caroline immediately understood what I wanted for Panda Gourmet and the ambiance my restaurant aimed for. She was highly responsive, addressing all my requests and providing creative ideas. You can confidently entrust your company's visual identity to this talented young lady !


Caroline was incredibly understanding, flexible, patient, highly responsive, and professional throughout our collaboration. The visual identity she created is aesthetically pleasing, cohesive, and most importantly, it truly reflects our initial expectations with some insightful advice that helped evolve our brand vision. I'll definitely reach out to the studio again for all these reasons without hesitation ! Thank you again for this beautiful work !


If you want a highly professional image and communication for your business, then go meet Caroline from Studio REN. Top-notch service ! Caroline is a dedicated and creative professional with whom it's both exciting and enjoyable to collaborate. I highly recommend her !


I entrusted the design of my brand identity to Studio REN, and I have no regrets ! Caroline, beyond her creativity and dynamism, is a Brand Designer who truly cares about elevating a project. She immediately understood the vision I had in mind, delivering top-notch design and high-quality illustrations. Caroline is highly responsive, professional, and her inspiring ideas result in top-quality outcomes ! Without a doubt, I won't hesitate to collaborate with her again.


Caroline was extremely efficient in providing us with her branding and web design services. We're still delighted with our new visual identity. The support we received was very pleasant: everything was meticulously organized, Caroline was attentive, gave good advice and was very responsive! If you're looking for an efficient and talented professional, contact Studio REN! We recommend Caroline 100%!


I worked with Caroline to create my brand identity, and she immediately understood the universe I wanted to build. Attentive and highly responsive, it was an absolute pleasure collaborating with her. There's no doubt that I'll seek her talent again for my future projects !


Caroline totally nailed my brand identity mission ! I discovered her Instagram account a few months ago while fine-tuning my project, and I instantly fell in love with her work. Now, I'm head over heels with what she's done for my upcoming business, "Bahia - Le Clos de Beauté" ! Even in places where I was a bit lost, she read my mind and created exactly what I had in my heart. I can't thank her enough, and I'm so proud she's my first choice for this venture. Thank you a million times, Caroline !


I'm overjoyed and enchanted by the work done by Caroline, and I can't recommend her enough ! She's incredibly responsive, attentive, and meticulous. She has delivered a stunning outcome that perfectly aligns with my dreams. Beyond her professionalism, Caroline is a delightful person to work with. It's an absolute pleasure to have her by my side as I progress with my important projects for my business. A thousand thanks ! I'm 100% satisfied !


I was so lucky to team up with Caroline, who I found on Instagram. Her vibe was exactly what I needed for my Japanese tearoom project. I was totally hooked by her ideas and how pro she is ! She was super quick to respond, flexible with my schedule, and nailed the project within the set timeframe. We had such constructive and easy-going exchanges throughout.
Caroline was always there for me and managed to whip up some stunning designs. Seriously, everything was on point ! I wholeheartedly recommend Caroline's work to anyone !


Caroline is such a sweet and attentive person. She immediately grasped my needs and the vibe I wanted for my brand. Her creativity is off the charts ! I 100% recommend her !


I gotta say, working with Caroline for my institute's new look was a total game-changer ! She nailed my vibe right away and created the perfect logos and all those lovely details for the fresh brand identity ! Plus, she's so awesome with communication and listening ! The best part ? She totally rolled with my crazy time constraints—my store's opening was a whirlwind ! Thank you a zillion times for your incredible work ! You're the best !


Oh, let me tell you, working with Caroline from Studio REN was a total win-win for both our brand identity and boutique signage in Paris ! From the get-go, I had complete trust in her. She's always there, super attentive, and can adapt like a pro ! Her work is simply flawless, and she nailed the vibe we wanted for our customers. No doubt about it, I 100% recommend her !


I reached out to Caroline to revamp the brand identity of my handmade textile brand, and I'm over the moon with the outcome ! She's so attentive and professional, making it an absolute joy to collaborate with her ! I'd definitely call on her services again without a second thought.


I stumbled upon Caroline's work on social media, and let me tell you, it was love at first sight ! After our first meeting to discuss the project, there was no doubt in my mind that Caroline was the one to handle my new brand identity ! And boy, was I blown away by her first draft ! She instantly captured my wishes and ideas, and the result is beyond amazing ! I can't recommend her enough !


Working with Caroline was an absolute pleasure ! Not only is she incredibly skilled, professional, and dedicated to her work, but she's also so attentive, understanding, warm, and open-minded. Our communication was smooth and outstanding. She immediately grasped the essence of my brand's universe. I can't recommend Studio REN enough ! I absolutely loved being a part of the entire creative, strategic, and artistic process. Following my instinct was the right call, and I wasn't disappointed at all. Thank you a million times, Caroline !


We entrusted Studio REN with the creation of our brand identity and communications materials, and we loved it! From the process to the results, Caroline met and exceeded our expectations, perfectly understanding the world we wanted to move into. She knew how to redirect us and advise us when we had hesitations. We're so pleased with Caroline's professional work that we wouldn't hesitate to work with her again, and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get started :) It was an enriching experience that enabled us to get started more quickly and with greater confidence. Many thanks again!